Creativity could very easily be the one litmus test salons use when hiring stylists. We don't do that at Wink, because first it would be one dimensional and unfair, and secondly - and most importantly - we don't have to.
Extremely gifted and innovative stylists tend to find us. 

Angie is a perfect case study. She came to Asheville 7 years ago for her birthday, found herself in Biltmore having dinner and saw Wink. She popped in and loved what we are about. Angie has been a stylist for 14 years and owned a salon in Chattanooga. Her experience is extensive and varied - she trained in NYC, California and major cities in between - and she's a perfect fit for us. 

While she can create any cut or style, use any color technique your heart desires, she particularly loves short, structured cuts and up-dos. Just ask her and she's ready to listen and deliver in only the way a budding master stylist and lover of hair can.

All work is not her style though. Angie is learning to sew and upholster, so she may end up telling you about her other creative projects when you find yourself in her chair. She and her partner, Jamie love to cook and travel, watch old black and white movies, jazz and playing with their 4 dogs. 

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