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Front of the house at Wink is a big deal. These are the faces that greet you, get you settled, answer questions, clarify information, make suggestions and make sure that you get what you need before and after your time with your stylist. In addition, Chloe is also your point-of-contact for all wedding coordinating relations. She will make you feel at ease with her attention-to-detail-scheduling, ensuring your big day is as seamless and as memorable as possible. 

Chloe is one such service doer and agent at Wink and her understanding of what makes great service is exceptional. "Comfort and consistency for every single client is important. I want the people who visit Wink to get the same amazing care time after time and know that when they recommend Wink to a friend, that friend will also get the very best." She understands every side of the service equation and all the roles involved - hers (she uses levity and laughter to put people at ease), our brilliant stylists' and how both putting focus on the client is most important. "It begins LONG before the first client interaction." See why we love her? 

Her husband and young son, mother nature, hobbies - which she collects - and unplanned, spontaneous weekend explorations take up her time outside of the salon. Chloe loves camping, hiking, s'mores and fishing and considers coastal Maine "heaven on earth. Honestly, I love people, I love exploring and I love finding the good thing in a bad scenario." This woman can find the silver lining and brings her own shimmer to Wink where she makes sure that the clients are first, our brand values are front and center and professionalism and fun are hand in hand.

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