and by DEVA, we mean CUURRRRRRLS!

Wink was established by two girls with curls and while we’re a the salon for all hair styles we want to help our curly clients embrace and manage their styles. DEVAcurl has been an integral part of this for us.

The DEVA hair care system and products have none of the nonsense and chemicals that conventional shampoos, conditioners and styling products have that are aimed at the general public. Their smartly engineered and interchangeable product line removed the elements that abuse curls and left only the goods intended to cleanse and tease out the best from your curly hair. 

Devacurl is a unique blend of botanically infused moisturizers and cleansers that deliver amazing hydration, cleansing and conditioning properties, and everything a curly women needs to be beautiful.

Devacurl was developed by Lorraine Massey - author of The Curly Girl Handbook (2001), Denis daSilva of the Devachan Salon, world-class chemist Ralph Zissel and Devachan’s Color Director Shari Harbinger. Not a bunch of slouches. This crew applied science, care and creativity to invent a specialized system.

First - contact us for an appointment.
Next - come to your appointment with clean hair that is free of all styling products.
Your hair can be styled the way you like it and normally wear it. We want to see what you’re after or dreaming of!
Finally - don’t wear a hat, no ponytails and no hair accessories, please.

Our goal is to share with you the benefits of DEVA products and styles and how you can incorporate these products and techniques into your routine. When booking your appointment, alert our salon hostess that you are asking for a DEVA 3-Step and we’ll align you with an appropriate stylist.

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Jordan Carlson
Olivia Reese
Jay Melancon
Angie Pilkington
Jessie Smith
Laura Gregg
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