Well, we've done it. We've added a client to our staff - one who has been getting her hair cut and styled at Wink for almost as many years as we've been open. Eliza will be helping us at the front desk and she's bubbly, charming and, needless to say, knows her way around the place. That's benefit number 1.

She's been in Asheville for 15 years, but as a talented drummer and drumming teacher, she's also travelled quite a bit on tour with her band. "I value being able to travel to play music and gain perspective on other areas of the country. I enjoy connecting with and learning from other people.  I believe that knowledge and experience empower people and stepping outside of your comfort zone brings great possibilities."

This appreciation of different people and different parts of the country is something we prize at Wink. You don't have to be a stylist to make our front of the house service impeccable and Eliza understands this innately... benefit number 2.

She finds playing the drums and making music with her friends and fellow music lovers therapeutic and meditative and she brings that peace and collaboration to everyone at Wink, most especially to our clients. "Customer service requires being friendly and interested in the customer but in a genuine way, NOT a fake way. It's being eager to help, but not too eager, as well as making sure the customer is not afraid to ask for anything at all." And that's benefit number 3 of having Eliza on board.

"It's a great group of talented people who work in a supportive, accepting environment. I love that the business is mission-based and offers a variety of services to people with all hair types so no one feels excluded from having fabulous hair!"

Well, exactly.   

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