There is daring and then there is daring. For some, it’s moving across country. For others, it’s taking the risk of asking someone out. For Jessie, daring often takes the physical form. She goes spelunking, sky-diving, and white water rafting. ON THE SAME DAY. Ok, not really, but she’s done them all and is always looking for the next adventure. 

If thrill-seeking for you is a hair-cut (and let’s face it, it can be), then Jesse will have you safely in her palm and won’t let you down. Of the things that attracted her to Wink, VERY high standards and a devotion to education were two biggies. Jessie sets incredibly high standards for herself and knew when she first entered the salon that it was where she wanted to be.

“I love the atmosphere at Wink. There is a commitment to quality and a fun, family vibe that allows everyone to be more creative and more successful.”

Jessie loves the process of transformation, through beauty, make-up and hair and in particular she relishes creating short cuts, like pixies and bobs. “There’s something incredibly intuitive about short cuts.” She also loves other structured and textured looks, razor cuts and long layers.

Like all the stylists at Wink, Jessie is about listening and is completely client-focused. She’s also about laughter and gratitude. When she’s not at work, you’ll find her hiking and playing outside with her wife, Jamie, spending time with her family (which includes TEN nieces and nephews) and having the presence of mind to know that each moment in life counts. She puts a premium on kindness and says, “I’ve never met a stranger… rather a friend I’m meeting for the first time.” So, consider this your invitation: come get a killer new cut and a wonderful new friend."

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