"Walking into Wink is an experience everyone should get to have: the energy and family vibe you get in that moment. It's such an amazing feeling." 

Bubbly and fun, Madie Pascal is an assistant at Wink and a master colorist in the making. (She loves working with color.) She grew up in NC and has been in Asheville long enough to feel like a native. She is a fresh graduate from cosmetology school, but she's been in the service industry for six years. We tend to attract people who love to serve and care for others and Maddie fills the bill. As she learns at Wink U and grows as a team member, what we're appreciating most is how outgoing and friendly and excited about growing as a stylist she is. 

Madie has been a dancer her entire life. Ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and hip hop are her passions outside of being a stylist. She loves Halloween and horror movies, and claims that you could call her a modern day Elvira.

"I am so eager to learn, and the fact that wink is so teaching oriented makes me feel so grateful to be apart of such and amazing group of stylists."

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