Marla has been a stylist for over a decade and co-owns a very successful bridal company in Orlando, Florida. For Wink, she's another member of our bridal team, specializing in creative styles, up-dos of all shapes and designs, and making sure that the bride shines brightest on her wedding day or for her portraits. She not only takes care of their hair and makeup, but her understanding of the bridal and wedding business means she gets the entire context of a wedding and can put everyone at ease while having fun.

Her friends nicknamed her Marla Stewart because she is an avid baker, cook, and party host and she also loves decorating, refinishing and refurbishing furniture, sewing and staging rooms in her house. "I love home projects!" But she's pretty fearless too. "I'll try anything once, but it's a guarantee that I will hurt myself because I'm really accident prone."

Like many others at Wink, Marla is passionate about community engagement, giving and elevating those around her. She became a stylist because she loved the feeling of boosting another person's confidence through something as fundamental as a new hairstyle. She spent a year after graduating from high school working with inner city kids in Los Angeles and was a Big Sister with Big Brothers, Big Sisters for 8 years in Florida. We love that heart for the world outside the salon and she's a perfect fit for our culture at Wink.

She knew Wink was where she wanted to be because of the emphasis on teamwork and education. "I believe that the moment you think you've arrived, you stop growing. Life is a journey and there is always more to learn and always more ways to grow."

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