Mary Beth goes by Beast. MB to some, and if you just got the chance to have her greet you with warmth, info and a guiding arm to whatever it is you need, she's an example of Wink's service. If you're new, she's your angel. If you've been coming here for a minute, you know her smile and sense of service.

And that hair. "I have a LOT of hair - so I've always loved it and while I'm new to the salon world, I understand people and how they move in the world, their needs and empathy." (Mary Beth is also a yoga instructor.) There is an atmosphere of compassion and intelligence surrounding this salon and its stylists. I love encouraging people to take good care of themselves and love themselves. With excellent self care, we are able to show up as our best selves in the world and therefore serve others better. My favorite part of this job, this industry, is seeing others express their individuality."

While our stylists are manifesting that individuality for clients and guests, Mary Beth is providing another important piece of Wink: service with attention. "Honestly - showing and seeing random acts of kindness and always seeing our people leave with a smile/feeling good about themselves warms my heart."

Her time away from the salon allows her to go to concerts, collect art, and spend time with her husband, Adam, and dog Arrow. 

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