Sarah is the complete stylist. She is an expert colorist. She does perfect brows. She wields scissors like the master stylist that she is and has 12 years in the business and 7 at Wink. 

According to Wink’s Co Owner Gilda Santiago, “if Sarah were not a stylist at Wink, she would be a Sergeant in the Marines. She pays attention to detail, is focused, and I LOVE WORKING WITH HER.” 

Do not let the military reference scare you. Sarah is in the family way ..... as in, after 8 years of commitment to her main man, she is now a wife and step-mom to 3 handsome boys. She is also beloved by coworkers and clients alike and a lot of that comes from her honesty. Her careful and direct approach allows her to deliver perfection to her clients, whether it's a cut, color, blow-out. or brow wax. And they love her for it. She wants each person to get what THEY want, so she asks questions, listens carefully and executes with accuracy. She’s the sergeant who’s on your team.

“Newman” loves being married and especially loves to travel. She’s a big fan of Folly Beach, SC and Charleston, SC, has been all over the U.S., but has also spent time in Costa Rica and St. Lucia. Her next destination is Spain!

While she rarely gets enough time alone, she relishes it when she does. And she loves to eat and cook, but that’s a whole other thing.

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