Our front of the house team helps make us who we are and having Stephanie in the mix makes perfect sense. She's a social media wiz and that is probably due to the fact that she's a book lover and reader of the highest order. A new year's resolution to read 30 books was checked off the list by spring and her education is in communications and literature. She understands both the power and poetry of language. You gotta love that in someone who's going to make Wink's clients feel at home.

It's not all about words though, Stephanie is a high-functioning addict to fashion and clothing, so she's in thrift stores when she's not at Wink or perched with a book in her lap. This girl doesn't own a TV. What's the point when you'd rather be traveling, learning or stretching next to a barre. Yes. 10+ years of classical ballet stuck with her and she still loves to put her body through the motions and dance when given the time.

It's nice to have a coworker who is not a stylist, but appreciates and respects that all members of our team are vital.
"I think a little bit of kindness and attentiveness goes a long way. I like to try to affect cheerfulness onto the people around me. Customer service can be emotionally challenging; I think it's important to be consistently kind to everyone - no matter the circumstances."

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