Never Stop Learning. We’re serious about this.

One of the ways Wink is exceptional (and we say this with humility and pride) is Wink University.
Wink U is our in-house education series hosted every month. Education is a big deal for us, because we want to do more than stay current. We want to explore, invent and collaborate.

Every member of Wink has something to share and teach and every member of our family gets an opportunity to showcase their talents. We also bring in top educators from Goldwell, KMS, Oribe, and DEVA CURL, among others. We've found that most of our stylists were attracted to Wink BECAUSE of Wink U and we all love our monthly gathering to listen, learn and grow together.

Wink also hosts education classes for our Assistant Program every Monday from January through November.  In these, our Assistants get the chance to interact personally with Wink clients while being taught theory and current trends by our in-house educators. 

If you are interested in being our model for one of our upcoming classes email us here or call 277-4070.
To note:
You must be at least 18 or have a parent or guardian present during the class
You must be available on Mondays. Please allow 2 hours for hair cutting classes and 4 hours for coloring classes 
There is a $35 fee for any chemical/color service
Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance, as we’ll need time to find a new model in your absence
If there are additional charges based on the services/training that day, we will let you know!

List of Courses/Events and Apprentice training ......... will add

Winking for Good


(16th c. poet John Donne said "No man is an island" but we're pretty sure we're included in that.)
We love that we are part of whole. We depend on our clients and community and we love reaching out and giving back.

Wink wouldn't be wink if we didn't understand that philanthropy is an exercise in giving that always delivers a big get. We give and always get back that feeling that we are a part of something bigger - a community.

We believe in the abundance theory, and the Wink family is in agreement that our campaigns touch lives in a practical way. We help raise funds through over-the-top fashion shows; we collect food for food banks and donate clothing for various local organizations. In the past we’ve teamed up with LEAF Outreach and LEAF International, MANNA Foodbank, American Cancer Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters of WNC, Mission Hospital and ABCCM  to raise money and awareness. Wink has contributed over $30,000 in products and services since we opened our doors in 2005.

Thanks to our WONDERFUL clients, we were able to raise over $750 for some of our favorite local organizations as part of our 9th birthday celebrations. Thank you especially to Green Opportunities, Asheville Humane Society, Steadfast House at Asheville Buncombe Community Christian Ministry, and The Diabetes Center at Mission Health

Wink Means Green 

It’s easy these days to say, “we’re a green company.”
Wink does not give lip service to the environmental sustainability. Here are some practical examples of how we put our money where our mouthes are.

Gas and tankless hot water heaters
High efficiency and low flow toilets
Energy efficient lighting
Post consumer recycled products
Low and non-ammoniated products 
A selection of eco-friendly and sulfate-free products
Nail Nook polishes that are free of DBP, formaldehyde and toluene

We serve beverages in glassware to cut back on waste. 
We offer our clients organic and fair trade tea and coffee.
We also mop up messes with cloth towels versus paper towels which have a one use life.
We turn off all electronic devices when they are not in use.
We send our promotions via email rather than using direct mail like catalogs, postcards and other mailbox-clogging advertising.

ALL paper, magazines, shipping supplies, product canisters and containers, cardboard, plastics, ink cartridges, toner cartridges.
Discarded hair with

The Wink Family Dishes....

Sarah Onanian Keith about Adriana Oliveira- If I were attached intravenously to Adriana for an hour, I would hope to transfer her energy and calmness. She is absolutely lovely.

Amy Grooms about Christine DiBenedetto - If Christine wasn’t a stylist, she would be a psychic. She knows how to be funny, honest and deliver what the clients wants.
If they made a movie about her, the actor who should portray her would definitely be Sofia Vergara!

Adriana Oliveira about Gilda Santiago - If Gilda were not a salon owner and stylist, she would be a restauranteur and if they made a movie about her, the actor portraying Gilda would always be smiling.

Kelsey Fitzsimmons about Jenna Fulmer - If Jenna wasn’t a stylist, she would be a professional beach bum. She’s compassionate, sweet, down-to-earth and a talented Goldwell educator.

Christine DiBenedetto about Sarah Onanian Keith - If I were attached intravenously to Sarah, I would want to receive her energy, trustworthiness, old school style and desire to get the job done. 

Jordan Carlson about Kelsey Fitzsimmons - If Kelsey wasn't a stylist, she would be a hot air balloon pilot. 

Kayla ????? about Abby Jay - If I were attached intravenously to Sarah, I would want to receive her energy, trustworthiness, old school style and desire to get the job done.