Abby has been described as an old soul and is a stylist of many passions who loves making her clients feel good. She loves big transformations and changing a client's mood. "I love people. I love making people feel and look beautiful." That desire comes out when you meet her, because she reflects a genuine loveliness, but also knows how to keep her world of external beauty in balance with what makes her soul happy.

She joined Wink in 2012 and after a hiatus of a couple of years, Abby is now back with us specializing in curls and pixie cuts. She's DEVA curl certified and her "curly clients" adore her. She’s amazing with multi-dimensional colors, funky and classic styles as well.

She’s also a "music junkie" (her description) and loves photography, painting, traveling. She is artful, which translates to her personal style. When not in the salon, Abby is outside exploring and discovering. She backpacks, hikes, camps and generally just wants to be out of doors and enjoying all kinds of adventure. Her dogs, Lily and Grizzly, are her greatest loves and travel is her biggest passion.

"I'm an artist and a musician; I sing, play guitar, ukulele, and violin." We love that she's as multi-dimensional as her work! Welcome home!