Curly hair tips from our Wink Curl-aborators

1)          1. Find a great stylist who KNOWS and LOVES curly hair.
2)      2. Skip the daily shampoo but don’t forget the leave-in conditioner. Your locks will love you for it.
3)      3.Use product that is prescribed by your stylist. We promise this will help. You might have to use a bit more in the summertime because of humidity. This will help you from feeling disheveled and messy.
4)      4.NEVER use a brush your hair. Use your fingers for styling wet hair.
5)      5. Let nature take its course by air drying your hair as much as possible.
6)      6.Touching=Frizz fro out of control. Keep your hands off your beautiful curls.
8       7. Invest in a Satin pillowcase (it helps to help eliminate frizz!).