Chelsea moved to Asheville from Rocky Mount because of Wink. After a year in the styling business, she wanted a place that would allow her to be learning constantly by pros and Wink was the spot she chose. She loves working on balayage styles, especially the more eye-catching undertakings using rainbows colors that evoke sunsets and oceans. Her clients love her willingness to create adventurous styles, but Chelsea can also deliver sleek and beautiful cuts and her technical skills are amazing.

She's an artist who loves any form of painting, be it acrylic,watercolor or experimenting with abstract ideas and she also calls herself a "creek rat." Some people are drawn to rivers and oceans and Chelsea loves waterfalls, but she's a lover of being creek-side and losing herself in nature.

At Wink, she shows her understanding of customer service by being transparent, open and always listening. "I try to get to know the person as much as possible and letting them know that I care about them, care about what they want and need is a big part of being a stylist."

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