Jay comes to Wink from Atlanta with 11 years of experience in the industry. He first started cutting hair while volunteering his barbering skills at a homeless shelter. He’s also a constant contributor and asset to Humble Hairdressers, the non=profit outreach organization that he, Jordan Carlson and other Wink members keep alive and active.

Pretty solid, huh? Before long, he was apprenticing under Candy Shaw at Jamison Shaw Hairdressers in Atlanta. He quickly became an educator there, as well as for Sunlights Balayage highlighting for 3 years, Jamison Shaw French Haircutting System for 4 years and a leader in mens’ cutting techniques.

He loves creating natural highlights, bobs, long layers, short trendy and textured styles and ALL men’s styles. He is really both barber and stylist.

There’s a persistent stereotype about hair stylists: they are therapists. You sit and can talk about yourself for about an hour, but in the case of salon therapists, you leave looking, and often feeling, better than you did when you sat down. Jay has embraced this. 

“While making my clients beautiful, we have wonderful conversations. They have become people for whom I truly care and I tend to know just about everything going on in their lives. From exciting things like marriages and babies to sad things like breakups, I listen. While I always give my clients a hug when they leave, I pride myself on being professional. I am on time and ready to work with them to achieve exactly what they want.”

Jay is a creative, like so many of our stylists: (i.e.) he plays guitar and writes his own music, he also hikes, kayaks and loves the arts and embraces new things “150% … my friends and family call me ‘extreme Jay’.” One of his passions is cycling. “I truly love cycling. It's my happy place. Not something I'm naturally good at, but I like the challenge. Seeing places on a bicycle is completely different from seeing them in a car.” Keep an eye out for him…!

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