"I have lived all over the states, in Scotland and in Sardinia, Italy. While we were in Scotland, my little brother worked at a friend's salon and I would hang out with my friends and brother. The atmosphere was so open and inclusive. I liked watching  people being pampered, seeing them leave with smiles on their faces and watching the stylist-client relationships. It was not until years, and many different jobs, later that I realized that I wanted to get in to the industry." 

And she did. Laura has been a stylist for 8 years and said she wished she'd become one sooner. " It satisfies my need to make people happy. I love to see them transformed even if just slightly and watch them look, feel and act more confident with themselves."

While her favorite styles are pixie cuts, balayage, and shaping long layers, she's most passionate about making beautiful hair and providing careful and loving customer service. "Kindness is number one and if the clients feel comfortable and cared for, that's what matters the most."

Laura loves spending her off time with her family and people watching. She's a keen observer who is fascinated by what motivates others, what makes them tick and finding out more about their lives. She's a easy soul,... funny (especially when doing accents), charming and always, ALWAYS kind.