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Penny is part of the team that keeps plates spinning on dowels, all pots simmering in harmony - pick your metaphor - but she's a key part of the Wink team and service arm. Before coming to us, Penny managed a salon and then managed spas and Bed & Breakfasts allowing her to have a strangle-hold on what both service and operations mean. This girl has the gift of hospitality and a keen sense of both caring for clients and managing a lot of responsibilities that help keep things working beautifully. Along with Brandi and Mary Beth, she makes the salon hum.

Penny also has the "heart" we look for in our team. Love is one of our core values.
"Things that make me happy about being at Wink? Making people feel good about themselves. Teaching "insider" info on how to recreate what we do in the salon. When stylists and their clients hug after a service and they both walk away smiling."

And in life, Penny loves to travel, visit art museums, organize parties and snuggle with her labradoodle. She's working pretty earnestly on visiting every major league baseball stadium in the country. #commitment

"I love to work hard so I that can play hard. I love hearing my mom laugh. I love when people are good to one another, even when they disagree. And I love learning and researching anything I don't know about."

She's great! Look for her when you enter our doors!

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